Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Invention 'VANI'

Sarang Parikh's invention Voice Artifice Neuro Interface also known as ‘VANI’ is a unique device that enables people with speech impairment to speak using one’s own brainwave. VANI is one of the world’s most advanced Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device and only in class to use brainwave for communication. 

Features of VANI:-

Speech- VANI enables the user to speak just by concentrating on predefined alphabets and words using speakers.  

Email-User can send an Email to desired person just by thinking.

Image Capture-User can capture photo anytime just by thinking about capturing it.

Telepathy-Two users with headset can communicate to each other just by thinking no matter where they are.

Home & Object Automation-User can control elements of home such as television, lights, security system, wheelchair etc just by thinking.

SMS-User can send SMS to anybody using VANI.

Dictionary-User can freely search for a word just by thinking in our inbuilt dictionary.

SOS- User can use this feature when he/she is in danger. This will notify 5 predefined contacts.

Working of VANI:-

The unique combination of Software and Hardware is what makes VANI come alive. The headset mounted over the user’s head sends data to VANI, where the software processes it and gives out the desired outcome.

More about VANI

·        There are no side effects of VANI on any user.
·        VANI is the only device of its type that is controlled by brain waves and provides many other useful features not only for the disabled but also for the common people.
·        VANI is very fast as its uses the ultimate power of mind which makes it the most possible replacement for speech.
·        VANI is a boon for the specially abled people.
·        The project ‘VANI’ is also competing in the International Google Science Fair.

Future Prospects of VANI

·        VANI can create a next-generation defense system for country’s military.

·        VANI can help visually impaired people.

·        Just by installing a pocket size device in your clothing, the brain waves can  be       captured wirelessly.


         The invention VANI has been approved and appreciated by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) headed by former President of India, Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam. The patent for ‘VANI’ has also been applied. Sarang's invention VANI has also featured in many leading newspapers and news channels of the country.

Times of India (Varanasi) Front Page

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By: Mansi Parikh

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